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Random Thoughts & A Random Post

Hello guys...

Today, I don't know what I am talking about. My post won't be a proper post. It will just contain random thoughts and random sentences. Don't expect anything to be linked. So here goes;

I was just watching The A1 GP Qualifying at the Sepang Circuit and I was thoroughly dissapointed about India's qualifying. We qualified very low in the Sprint Race. In the Feature Race though, we qualified 7th though which is pretty good though Lebanon surprised everyone qualifying 3rd!
What I noticed, was that the last season was as highly contested as the 3rd qualifying session of Formula 1. The power boost is a nice feature.

I was wondering something, is A1 GP worse for the Environment or Formula 1? I will try and do some research on this but if anyone knows then please do tell me. Either post in the comments or send me an email at;

I just saw the trailer for Adventureland. It is by the director of Superbad who is one of the best upcoming director. He also directed 3 episodes of my favorite show "Arrested Development".
The movie is about this recent college grad who needs more money for his Euro trip and his parents won't give it to him. So he has to find a job and earn the money himself or he needs some job before he set out.

He can't seem to find a job anywhere except a bad job at a local amusement park. This job is the perfect course to get him prepared for the real world.

The cast is not all that famous but each of them have had their own successes. The director is a brilliant and upcoming director. This will release in 2009. The trailer is out now.
Check it out now!

Right now this weekend's football action is about to start in less than 30 minutes! I cannot wait! I hope Arsenal bounce back from an embarassing defeat to Aston Villa at the Emirates.

I just hope William Gallas is sold of to another club as soon as possible. Every since he sulked off after the last minute penalty to Birmingham last season, I have hated him.
Now after his latest, I hate him even more.

He has blasted the commitment of the team and has revealed that theur have been all kinds of fights in the Arsenal dressing room and between the team-mates. His book also was released.
What about his commitment?
He should leave the club immediately. He does not have the right to talk about anyone else from the club in an interview. He doesn't have the right to reveal what goes on in the club's dressing room if he is still part of the club.

Well he is dropped for today's match against Manchester City and Almunia the Goalkeeper takes over as captain.

Well.. that is all for now. I may have more random thoughts later.
I gotta rush towards the tv and downstairs. Everyone is calling me.


Move To The Groove - iPods and MP3 Players

The iPod has long dominated the market. The first iPod was launched on 23rd October, 2001 in but it was not till the second or third generation that the iPod started dominating. It is now in its sixth generation and still dominating.

The iPod may still be dominating but its dominance is slowly coming to an end. The MP3 player ( market is hotting up. A lot of new entrants over the past two years and a lot of new updates to other players.

Right now, you have a wide variety of MP3 Players in the market. They include the SanDisk, Samsung, Microsoft Zune, Archos, Cowon, Creative Zen. That is a lot of players if you tell me. Each has its advantage in the market but the basic features are now in each and every player. Some players are even as good as the iPod and may even be better but where the iPod is greater is in design and simplicity.

Some info on MP3 Players;

1. iPod Nano -
2. iPod Touch -
3. Cheap iPods -
4. Creative Zen MP3 Player -
5. If you want price comparisions between MP3 players then -

There are different MP3 Players for different uses. For example, the Archos and Zune have a bigger screen and better video playback than the iPod.
Also, the Samsung MP3 Player has external speakers which the iPod doesn't.
The Sansa is slightly lighter than the iPod Classic.

Most MP3 players these days have the same storage capacities and most have similar features, like a standard headphone jack, equalizer, podcast support, video playback etc.

So if you want to be different and don't want the traditional iPod then they are many great alternatives for you ready in the market.


The Famous NIrvana Baby All Grown Up

Hello guys...

I just read this article. It is about the new cover made by the Nirvana Baby. He is all grown up now and here is the re-creation of the classic Nevermind cover;

Spencer Elden recreating Nirvana's Nevermind album cover in Pasadena, California

So what do you guys think of The Nevermind Cover 17 years later in a new avatar?

Sahil Bhalla - see you later!

Just Some Things For You All

Hello guys...

Here are some things for you to ponder over;

1. An experiment with Google Suggest;

Free Image Hosting at

QuickPost Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!

2. Inda beat Australia in the 4th Test at Nagpur by a 172 runs to clinch The Border - Gavaskar Trophy with a 2-0 Series win! GO INDIA!
Ishant Sharma has been named Man Of The Series!

3. Windows 7 - The next version of Windows will only have one 'Ready' Sticket which is down from Vista's 4!

That is all for now.






















The Amazing Race - Season 13 Episode 5 - "Do It Like A Mad Man" Update

Sorry guys that I am a day late on this.

The episode is titled - "Do It Like A Mad Man." I shall post the final results of this leg at the end of my post.

This time, at their Pit Stop at Summer Hill in New Zealand, the seven remaining teams recieved a clue instructing them to fly over 5.600 miles to Siem Reap, Cambodia. The teams all scramble for flights. All teams except Andrew and Dan and Aja and Ty make it to the flights. Until Andrew and Dan go to the Emirates counter and finally at the last moment get the flight. So all teams except Aja and Ty make it together. They arrive late and have to scramble to make up lost ground.

In Siem Reap, the teams travel to a roadside pumping station where they are instructed to use a hand pump to fill a truck with 25 litres of fuel to recieve their next clue. Most teams finish it with ease except for the Frat Boys, Andrew and Dan.

Andrew: There you go!
Dan: You gotta do it like a madman.
This is where we get the episode title from. This time it is not from the Divorcess!

So after filling the trucks up, they are driven in their trucks to Siem Reap Harbour and then they make their way to motorized boats to the waterfront community of Kho Andeth. Terence and Sarah are forced to paddle their way and lose their first place after their boat breaks down.

At Kho Andeth, the teams face a Detour involving two tasks. The choices were Village Life or Village Work. In Village Life, the teams had to travel by boat to pick up three items - a set of fake chattering teeth from a dentist, a doll from a tailor and a basketball from a basketball court. Before getting the basketball, each team member had to score one basket. Then they had to deliver all the items to a man waiting on a dock. Ken & Tina, Terence & Sarah and Kelly & Christy successfully finished this Detour task.

In Village Work, teams had to travel to fishing grounds and then search for two traps filled with fish among a number of traps. They had to deliver them to the dock and transfer them to baskets before recieving their next clue. Nick & Starr, Toni & Dallas, Andrew & Dan and Aja & Ty successfully completed this detour.

The teams then travel to Angkor Wat for a roadblock testing sense of direction. The clue was "Who has a better sense of direction?"
In this Roadblock, one member of each team had to explore the temple of Angkor Wat for the Chamber of Echoes. They then had to stand in a particular sport and pound their chests to make an echoing noise before they could pick up their next clue from the chamber.
Nick, Tina, Dallas, Terence, Christy, Andrew and Ty completed the task for their respective teams.

The next clue sent them to their Pit Stop which was Babylon Temple where they had to search the grounds for the Pit Stop!

All throughout the race, Aja and Ty were behind the pack and were unable to catch up.

The teams finished in this order;

1. Nick and Starr (Prize: Five-night trip for two to St. John, Courtesy Travelocity)
2. Toni and Dallas
3. Terence and Sarah
4. Ken and Tina
5. Kelly and Christy
6. Andrew and Dan
7. Aja and Ty (Eliminated)

Toni and Dallas and Terrence and Sarah finished in an approximate tie and were checked in consecutively. Terence and Sahrah however, received a thirty minute penalty for being pulled over for speeding. It did not affect their overall placement on this leg, but will be applied to the next leg.

Some quotes;

Nick: "It just felt great. It brought me back to that first leg when we came in first place."
Nick: "To be honest, I thought I was doing some kind of war cry or Tarzan thing."

So what did you people think of this episode?
Did Aja and Ty deserve to be eliminated?
How is my summary for this weeks episode?


To Kick Start November - Some Interesting Words + Photos

Hello guys and welcome to the best month of the year, November.

Here are some very interesting photos from in no particular order. I have used random words which popped up in my head and I Google Image Searched them and what I found was very interesting. So here goes;

1. Asymmetric; Bertoia Asymmetric Chaise

2. Morocco; Nothing to say to this.

3. Nutshell; Where did this one come out from?

4. Bomb; A USB Memory Bomb! Seriously?

5. Callipygian; If you still do not know the meaning, then please go look it up.

6. Pettifogging; Hmmm?

7. Tyrotoxism; What does this have to do with the meaning of the word?

I shall be doing a round two sometime tomorrow or a few days later. Till then I hope you enjoy this.


Adsense & Google Analytics

Do you want to link your Adsense account with your Google Analytics account?

Here is how you can do it; Linking Adsense and Google Analytics Accounts

What all can see with your adsense account in Google Analytics?

Well take a look at this video;

If you have any more questions about this then please do ask me.

Sahil Bhalla

The Indonesian Economy Not Many Of You Follow

What is up with the Indonesian Economy these days?

Would you like to know the answer to that question with a perspective of an Indonesian himself? Well I have found just the right blog for you then.

Take the latest post for example; It is all about why Indonesia did not lower the BI rates. The blog is very well written and is a original and different opinion on the economy.

To the owner of the blog; You have got some nice widgets and a well designed blog. I must say the posts are very well written and very well opinionated. A good job overall and I am sure your blog will keep on getting better and better.

3 New Trailers For All You Out There

Hello guys...
I have got a treat for you in this post;
There new trailers for you people to watch!

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - I just had to put this for you numerous fans of the Harry Potter series out there.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Yes. This one is here because of me. I really like it and I know that there is a few section of people who do like it. Small but noticeable group.

3. Fast and Furious - The last one is one which I don't know why I put it here.

I hope you all enjoy the trailers and do look forward to the movies.

Goodbye, from me, Sahil Bhalla

Can You Guess The Only Stock Market Doing Well In The World At The Moment?

Hello guys...

I have a serious question for you; I know most of you won't be able to answer it and you won't believe it either but I will tell you the question and answer it as well.

Q. Can you guess the only stock market in the world to be rising at the moment?

A. The Zimbabwean Stock Exchange. Yes That is right. Zimbabwe's stock exchange is the only one doing well and in terms of percent it is doing really well.

It broke two records in 2 days. On Monday it broke the single biggest day gain in terms of points and percent. It rose 241% on Monday!

Then on Tuesday (yesterday) it broke the same record. This time it rose by 257%. Some companies saw their share prices increase by up to 3,500%. This is amazing.

Wouldn't you just love that to happen to your stock market? Imagine if even 10 percent of that would happen daily! I would be happen with that!

Well on paper anyways. This is actually only good on paper. The percent seems really high and it seems the economy is doing well. For a fact, it is not. It may be improving but by no means is it anywhere close to decent.

Zimbabwe's economy is staggering amid the world's worst inflation.
Inflation is officially running at an annual pace of 231 million percent. Some experts put it more at about 20 trillion percent. Wow. Can you just imagine that rate of inflation in any one of your countries?

"With the unofficial exchange rate leaping from 30 million Zimbabwean dollars to $1 on Friday to 100 million to the greenback Monday, showing a shortage of cash, people are trying to hedge against inflation by turning to equities." - AP

Wow. 100 million to the dollar. Just wow. They even introduced a 100 million Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD) note!

History of the Stock Market;

"The first stock exchange in Zimbabwe opened its doors shortly after the arrival of the Pioneer Column in Bulawayo in 1896. It was however only operative for about 6 years. Other stock exchanges were established in Gwelo (Gweru) and Umtali (Mutare). The Mutare Exchange, also opened in 1896, thrived on the success of local mining, but with the realisation that deposits in the area were not extensive, activity declined and it closed in 1924. After World War II a new exchange was founded in Bulawayo by Alfred Mulock Bentley and dealing started in January 1946.

A second floor was opened in Salisbury (Harare) in December 1951 and trading between the two centres was done by telephone. Traders continued working by telephone until it was decided that legislation should be enacted to govern the rights and obligations of the members of the Exchange and the general investing public.

The Rhodesia Stock Exchange Act reached the statute book in January 1974. The members of the Exchange continued to trade as before and it became necessary for legal reasons to bring into being a new Exchange coincidental with the passing of the legislation. The Exchange dates from the passing of the Act in 1974, and is operated and regulated in accordance with it and its amendments, including 1996's Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Act: Chapter 24:18.

On independence from Britain in 1980, the Exchange changed its name from the Rhodesia to the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange." - Wikipedia


1. "Zimbabwe is 'the best investment opportunity in Africa' say financiers." - Telegraph.
2. India's unmanned moon mission
3. Early voters in the USA Presidential Elections.

Sahil Bhalla

The Amazing Race - Season 13 Episode 4 - "I Wonder If They Like Blondes In New Zealand?" Update

Hello guys...



I just finished watching episode 4 of The Amazing Race Season 13. The episode was titled I Wonder If They Like Blondes In New Zealand?

#1. Ken and Tina (Fast Forward: Seven Night trip for two to Rio De Janeiro.
#2. Terence and Sarah
#3. Kely and Christy
#4. Toni and Dallas
#5. Nick and Starr
#6. Andrew and Dan
#7. Aja and Ty
#8. Marissa and Brooke (Eliminated)

At the Pit Stop in La Paz, Bolivia frustrations continued to build up betwen Nick and Starr and Kelly and Christy.

The clue given to them at the start insturcted them to fly more than 6,900 miles to Auckland, New Zealand and there they had to find their way at night to the Gulf Harbor to untie a knot which would reveal their clue.

The first of only two fast forwards was given then and there. Ken and Tina and Andrew and Dan both went to it but it was Ken and Tina who got their first. They bypassed all tasks and went straight to the pit stop.

Then the rest of the teams made their way to Mount Eden where there was a Roadblock which only one member may complete. This one was "Who has an eye for detail?" No one really took time here except I think two teams had to do it again but not really any loss of time. Terence, Andrew, Christy, Starr, Aja, Brooke and Toni did this task.

After this they all had to travel to the City Life Hotel and they had to go to the roog and using binoculaurs they had to search for a Travelocity Gnomes (These have appeared in many seasons). Once they found it and retreived it, the Gnome instructed them to go to Kiwi 360*. At this point, Marissa and Brooke were way behind with Aja and Ty in front of them. Terence and Sarah lead the pack.

Once they arrived at Kiwi 360* there was a detour, which is a choice between two tasks. In this detour teams had to choose between Matter of Time and Matter of Skill.
In Matter of Time teams were required to travel to a kiwi orchard and crush kiwis using their feet to make twelve quarts of juice. Each member then had to drink a glass of it.
In Matter of Skill, teams traveled to BioCart Heaven and then assembled two BioCarts, which they were required to complete three laps on.

Terence and Sarah, Kelly and Chirsty and Marissa and Brooke successfully completed Matter of Time.
Nick and Starr, Andrew and Dan and Aja and Ty tried Matter of Time but gave up and went for Matter of Skill which they successfully completed.
Toni and Dallas went straight for Matter of Skill and completed it.

During the Matter of Skill task, Starr fell off her BioCart and injured her hand. It looked realy bad but you couldn't really tell if she had broken it or not. Nevertheless she went on and comepleted the laps.

After these tasks were completed, teams were given their final clue which instructed them to go the Pit Stop where Phil and Phil's Dad were waiting.

All six teams went to the Pit Stop and in the end Aja and Ty and Marissa and Brooke fought it out doing different tasks. In the end though, Aja and Ty beat out Marissa and Brooke who got eliminated.

Some quotes;

Starr: "The arm is hurting really bad, but we're still team 5. We're still here.
Terence: (regarding the kiwi bucket at the Matter of Time detour task) The bucket was lined with a layer of jagged rocks and then on top of it were these incredibly hard stubborn kiwis.
Marissa: Brooke and I will be best friends forever.

So what did you think of this episode?
Did you want Marissa and Brooke to stay in The Amazing Race?
Did you like my summary of the episode? Should I do it every week?


Updates, News & New Things

Hello guys...

I am back! Almost in full swing... just gotta get something else done for this blog which will be unveiled sometime later this week.

Until then, I have a new segment/post thingy or whatever you will call it...

It is called Just To Add; Short posts and straight to the point. Could be good, bad or the ugly. You may already know about it or you may not. You may want to tell everyone about it or you may not want to. You may be affected by it or you may not. You may be associated with it or you may not. Whatever it is, the fact of the matter is, you still want to read it.

So to kick start The Just To Add segment, here we go;

1. Himesh Reshammiya's Karzzzz releases tomorrow! - Go see it 1st day 1st show. "Trust me, you will like it." *hint hint*
2. Jet-Set-Go just became Jet-Said-Go about a week ago as Jet Airways gave pink slips to 1,900 of its employees.
3. The Australian Media has slammed Saurav Ganguly for his time delaying tactics on the 5th and final day of the first test.

That is all for now, I may do another one later today or I may not. I may be back tomorrow or I may not. I don't know when I will be back but I am sure you will be eagerly awaiting the next Just To Add post or my next full-fledged blog post. Or maybe the unveileing of my new secret thing that I am adding to the blog... Whatever it is, I am sure you will be back enough times to check if it is there or not.

This is Sahil saying Adios!

Updates... Life... Everything In Fact

So... a lot in this world has been going on ever since I last posted.

I will pen down a list for you people telling you the most headlined news since I last blogged;

1. Ms. Palin making a fool of her self almost ever other day
2. Tina Fey doing a very good impersonation of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live for four episodes.
3. Bomb Blasts in New Delhi in 3 different markets.
4. The World happened to go into a deep crisis. Economic crash world wide. Everyone feeling the pain.
5. The fall TV Season has begun with 2 great new shows - Fringe and The Mentalist.
6. India vs Australia in India - 4 test match series has begun.
7. Poland have worked out an agreement and saved themselves from being banned from World Cup Qualifiers.
8. The English Premier League has begun and as of now - Arsenal are ahead of Manchester United.
9. Sourav Ganguly - One of India's best cricket captain has announced his retirement and he will retire after the India - Australia series.
10. Dempo FC are the first ever Indian Club to reach the semi-finals of The AFC Cup.
11. Google's Chrome Browser released and already grabbed a 1-2% market share.
12. The Indo-US Nuclear Deal finally went through after a long and hard fought battle.
13. Many banks fail around the world and continue to do so.
14. A $700 Billion dollar Bailout Package passed the House and Senate.
15. Bangladesh beat New Zealand in Cricket by 7 wicket's! Their biggest ever win over a Top 4 Nation in ODI's.
16. Google Android Phone is launching very soon.
17. Airtel Digital TV has launched in India - today - 9th October 2008.
18. Apple released new iPods.
19. Microsoft released new Zune's and a much improved 3.0 firmware.
20. Everything else in the world that happened shall be posted later. This is enough for now.


New Posts Coming

Hello guys...

I promise you that some new posts will be coming tomorrow and this blog will be kick started back into action.


The Way I See Michael Phelps

Hello guys...


The USA Team's time was; 3:29.34 breaking the world record!

He has broken Mark Spitz's record of seven gold medal's in a single Olympic games. Michael Phelps has gotten 8th!

Congrats to Micheal Phelps!



I will post more on him later.

This is Sahil Bhalla, going to watch all the news reports on him!

The Way I See The GreenBuyer

Hello guys...

Today on my agenda is; Greenbuyer; Going Green Is Pretty Sweet.

Now this is a review of this very nice and good looking website.

The site is all about green products and if I had the money, I would have bought lots of green products. The blog updates regularly with more and more new green tech!

It does not look too cluttered and has some interesting posts and a section of green electronics.

Another great thing is that it has a section for The Green News which I see almost every other day!

In the electronics section; it gives a thorough description of the product and how and why it is green and why you should get it which I find very informative.

Another pro, is that it is a self-hosted Wordpress blog which is the best you can get.
If you want to contact the owner then you can do that also very easily. You can subscribe to the blog also really easily.

One more thing is that the theme is green too! Going with the content and theme!

The only con about the site I do not like is the flashing ads on the right hand side. I guess that is just me though!

On the whole, this blog is a nice read and which I would recommend to lots and lots of people.

The link once more for all of you people;

I am going to be back on Monday with a whole host of new posts then. Till then this is Sahil Bhalla saying goodbye.

The Way I See This Particular Rarity

Hola, once again.

I know lots of people have blogged about this but I just had to get in one this one.

So rarities rarely happen and this one is truly a rarity. Here goes anyways;






I think that was it in a nutshell. Abhinav Bindra has done India proud. He has outdone himself and he has done his nation proud. I am sure every single Indian who has heard the news will be extremely proud to be an Indian and will be really happy about this news.

Abhinav Bindra was not expected to win a medal. He wasn't like the other shooters like Gangan Narang and all who were expected to win medals. Abhinav Bindra was not there at the Opening Ceremony. He was busy resting and getting mentally prepared for the Olympics.

Back home, he would pratice more than 8 hours a day inside the shooting range. He would do it because he was driven. He did it because he had passion.He did it because that was what he enjoyed.

He was born on September 28th, 1982. He is now 25 years of age. He is from Zirakpur, in Mohali district (near Chandigarh), Punjab.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Abhinav Bindra won the gold for the Men's 10m Air final after shooting a total of 700.5. He scored 596 (fourth) in the qualifying round and out-scored all other shooters in the finals with a round of 104.5. In the finals, he started with a shot of 10.7, and none of his shots were below 10.0. Bindra was tied with Henri Hakkinen heading into his final shot. Bindra scored his highest of the finals - 10.8 (A Bullseye) while Hakkinen came with 9.7 to settle for Bronze medal.
He is the current World and Olympic champion in the 10m Air Rifle Event.

This is just an amazing feat. India has never won an individual gold medal and this is just great. This is definitely a historic day and this is a rarity until now. I am certain India will get some more medals and many more in the future.

Here are some photos of Abhinav Bindra;

Here is a video of Abhinav Bindra winning gold;

Here is to hoping all of you Indians feel proud!
Here is to hoping all of you Indians will be watching the Olympics now!
Here is to hoping all of you Indians now feel that India are capable of winning more medals!
Here is to hoping all of you Indians will now be getting into the act and starting to play sports.
Here is to hoping all of you Indians will finally believe that one day India can compete with USA & China at the Olympics! Maybe by 2020?

That is all for now but tomorrow and day-after, I have a lot lined up for you readers.

1. I am going to be posting what I think are the medal prospective for the Indians in the rest of the Olympics.
2. I will be posting the good, the bad & the ugly of the Indian campaign at the Olympics so far.
3. What are the chances of Micheal Phelps getting a record 8 Gold Medals at eh Beijing Olympics?

This is Sahil Bhalla exiting and feeling extremely proud to be an Indian today!

The Way I See Olympic Contests

Hello guys and welcome again...

Today I stumbled upon this site which is hosting a Olympic Games contest. No you don't have to go out there and fight it like those people in the field but you have to fight it out online.

The games have started and they are going strongly and so is the competition online. The MTMD Page Rank Olympics is a really good chance to win some exciting prizes and a chance to get your blog better and more out there in the bloggersphere. So go and check it out right now and also do not forget to watch the Olympics too which are very exciting!

Go now and get enrolled in the Page Rank Olympics!

This is Sahil Bhalla saying Goodbye!

The Way I See The "Contest"

Hello guys once again...

Today's blog post is going to be about "A particular contest"

It will be short but anyways...

So today I was surfing around the net and I found out this very good blog. It is called "prodinterios" and the blogger is holding a birthday bash contest. His birthday lies on 15th August but he is not Indian. The link to the contest is My Birthday Bash Contest!!!

Go and enter and enjoy. See if you can be the lucky winner.

That is all for now... but I will be back later today with another post on something else that I find interesting. Goodbye from Sahil Bhalla!

Linkback P1/S1

Hello guys... I am participating in this project called Linkback Project. Very exciting and interesting.

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Sahil Bhalla

The Way I See The Tennis Trio

Hello again guys

Today I am going to talk about the Tennis trio. That is Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. In the current ATP Tennis rankings, these 3 are way ahead of every other player in the ranking. In fact, Djokovic is 2110 points ahead of 4th place, David Ferrer.

Federer vs Nadal rivalry has been going on for years now and only last year was it that Djokovic entered the frame. All three of them play exquisite tennis and at this point in time, it is hard to tell who really is the World Number 1.

Today morning I got up at 5:00 AM to watch the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters Semi-Finals. The tournament was being held in Cincinnati which is in the United States of America. So I had to get up early here in New Delhi, India to watch it.

I turned on the TV and I was 4 games late. The score was 3-1 and Djokovic was leading. He was totally overhauling Nadal. Nadal had no response and lost the set 6-1. The next set was closer but Djokovic is just the better player on the hard court against Nadal having won 3 out of 5 matches and now 4 out of 6 matches on hard court after this win. Novak Djokovic this morning, snapped Nadal's 32 match winning streak! Hopefully Djokovic can have a mini run of his own!

Nadal is probably weakest in the US Open while Federer is weakest in the French Open. As for Djokovic, well I think his weakest is Wimbledon.

I do not see any player challenging either of these 3 for the top 3 positions for some time now. It is a close race for 4th and they will on be concentrating on trying to get that 4th place as 4th - 7th is only separated by 940 points.

So out of the three - Who is the greatest and who is the current greatest?

Well I think Federer is the greatest number 1 and Nadal is the greatest challenger. Djokovic is a new and upcoming star who within 6 months will be very close to Nadal. Nadal has started his "unofficial" position as number 1 in horrific fashion, losing in straight sets to Djokovic. I think Federer will pull back his number 1 position until Djokovic comes and takes away from him in 2 years. Until then we will see some great tennis and some great action from the trio.

Here is too a brilliant set of matches at the US Open and here is hoping that these 3 play some of their best tennis ever. Here is too also hoping that Djokovic can do better than Nadal so that he can catch up!

After August 18th, it will only take one title for Federer to be back on top of the rankings and I am sure he will be back to his sublime best in the US Open!

This is Sahil Bhalla, signing off and supporting Djokovic over Nadal and Federer over Nadal.

The Way I See Trailers

Hello everyone once again.

Updates: As you know I am back and now am in the full swing of blogging. So as this is going to be my second post since I have been back to blogging, I am going to give you a special episode.

Today's blog post is titled: "The Way I See Trailers" and it is going to showcase the "Top 10 Best Trailers Of Upcoming Movies."

So without further ado, I present to you - "Top 10 Best Trailers Of Upcoming Movies."

I will be starting from Number 10 to Number 1.

Tenth Best Trailer: Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation is an upcoming science fiction action film set for release on May 22, 2009.
The main reason I am excited about this film is because it has Batman: The Dark Knight's star Christian Bale in it and he is a really good actor. The trailer looks better and looks as if this film will be better than the last one which I found pretty bad.

Ninth Best Trailer: Saw V

Haven't they already completed the series? Isn't 4 films enough? Apparently not... This film is set for release on October 24th, 2008. This film follows the tradition of the Saw films, being released every year on the Friday before Halloween. This film has a new director as well, David Hackl who was the production designer of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th films of the series. The trailer looks pretty much just like any other Saw film.

Eight Best Trailer: Pineapple Express

Knocked Up? The 40 year-old Virgin? Superbad? Remember any of those films? Well this is another one of those and this one also stars Seth Rogen in the lead. It is a stone action comedy film which is set to release on August 6th, 2008. I do not think this will be as good as his previous films but none the less, it will be good still.

Seventh Best Trailer: W. [Teaser]

World Trade Center? Does anyone remember that film or has anyone even heard of it? Well that was Oliver Stone's film about the World Trade Center. He is making his next film which is titled "W". It is about George "W" Bush. This one is self-explenatory and it is set to release on 17th October, 2008. Josh Brolin stars as George "W" Bush.

Sixth Best Trailer: Burn After Reading

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Malkovich and Tilda Swinton. I must say an amazing cast. This movie is a comedy and it is about a disk containing memoirs of a CIA agent that ends up in the hands of two gym employees who in turn try to sell it. This film is definately going to be good just like every other George Clooney and Brad Pitt film. I am excited about it.

Fifth Best Trailer: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I hate all the Harry Potter books and all the movies so far. I have been dragged to watch every Harry Potter film so far even though I had no intentions of watching it. I know many people and especially some of my friends who are going to drool over a Harry Potter film so for them, I have given this film the fifth position on my list. Self-explenatory what happens and who is in it and all. The release date is; 21st November, 2008.

Fourth Best Trailer: Up

Finding Nemo? Cars? Ratatouille? Wall-E? Basically... I am listing all Pixar films. Pixar has been getting better and better at producing animated films. It just release it's latest Wall-E to high critical acclaim. I have got a teaser trailer for Pixar's next greatest film which is coming out in 2009. It is surely going to be a hit.

Third Best Trailer: The Spirit

This goes into my top 3 as it is directed by Frank Miller. He wrote Sin-City and 300 which all of you would have seen by now. It is in my top 3 also because it stars Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes in the lead. It has got Samuel Jackson also in the movie. It is coming out on Christmas day, 25th Decemeber, 2008.

Second Best Trailer: Watchmen

This film is going to be awesome! It is going to be insanse! It is being directed by Zack Snyder. He directed 300. Watchmen is a film adaptation of the comic book limited series. This film is being released on March 6th, 2009. I can't wait for this movie as the trailer looks really good.

Best Trailer Of All: Quantum of Solace (Bond 22)

Yes. Number 1. The best trailer out of all goes to the next bond movie, titled Quantum of Solace. It is the 22nd Bond film and the second Bond film starring Daniel Craig as James Bond. This film is the sequel to Casion Royale which released in 2006. This film has a new bond girl Olga Kurylenko. This film is going to be awesome. I cannot wait for this film seriously. The trailer just looks wow! The film is set to realese on Novermber 7th, 2008.

A few of the trailers just had to be in the list but it was a close race for the others. The top position race was extremely close but I chose Quantum of Solace as it releases before Watchmen and I really enjoyed the last Bond film.
So that does it for the top 10 trailers for now. I hope you all enjoyed them.

If you people have any problems, questions or feeback/suggestions then please send it to

This is Sahil Bhalla, signing off for today. I hope to see you again for another blog post! Goodbye!

The Way I Saw Something Spectacular, Something Boring and Something Just Simply Amazing!

Hello guys once again

Updates; Sorry for not posting a entry for sometime but I am happy to tell you guys... that I am back to blogging and I will be updating it frequently now. So I hope you have a nice time reading.

Today's blog post is titled "The Way I Saw Something Spectacular, Something Boring and Something Just Simply Amazing!"

So for today's blog post, I have chosen three events, in the past week or two which are interesting in their own way or the other.

First up is about the Trust Vote 2008. It happened in New Delhi, India and it rocked the whole of India.
A little background first - The UPA which is the party in power had formed a coalition Government with the Left (CPM) to get the majority vote needed to run the Government. This relationship lasted for 4 years but in the last year the Left got angry over the N-Deal and walked out of the Government. So basically the Nuclear Deal saga has been going on for ages and it could not be resolved. The Left were against it for the main reason that the deal was with the Americans. So they walked out and asked the Government to show the numbers. So the Trust Vote was set for 22nd July and it happened.
So what happened in Parliment on 21st July and 22nd July was just spectactular. The first day rocked the Parliment. It had cross fighting, arguing, the Speaker getting angry and raging news anchors on all channels. The papers too were going mad. It was hilarious and fun times. The bookies were making some money out of it too.

The second day had the biggies giving there speeches and going face to face. It was quite fun watching the highlights on the news channels as I missed it otherwise. In the middle of the day at 4:00 PM approximately 2 or 3 BJP MP's came in the midle of the House and showed 1 Cr rupees and alleged that they were bribed to give there vote to the UPA. That was hilarious to watch! Then came the Trust Vote in the evening with the UPA showing the Left that they had the numbers and defeating them by a huge margin of 19 votes!

So if you want to read some of the funny and memorable quotes from the 21st of July, then head over to;

Quotable Quotes from the Trust Vote, Day 1.

So this event was the spectacular event.

The second event I saw was the cricket test match between India and Sri Lanka. It was the first test and I saw day's 1 and 2. Now this was really boring. I couldn't even stand watching it. I mean they play so slowly and the commentators don't say anything and there is no crowds. What a boring thing to watch.

This event was the boring one.

Lastly... The last event was just simply amazing. I went to see The Dark Knight on Saturday and again on Wednesday and it was simply amazing. The movie is just the movie ever and Heath Ledger's perfomance defies all. His laugh is justamazing and he is simply terrefying. If you haven't seen this movie, then get off your ass right now and get to your nearest theatre and watch it as soon as possible. This is the best movie of the year and I expect Heath Ledger to win an oscar for it.

This was the just simply amazing event!

That is all for now and I will be back later, very soon, I promise guys.

Bye. This is me, Sahil Bhalla going now and signing off and saying goodbye!

The Way I See Asif, Drugs & iPhone 3G

Hello guys...

Today's episode is called "The Way I See Asif, Drugs & iPhone 3G".

First let me start off by saying that Asif was one of the four players tested by WADA during the IPL. One player tested positive and the WADA announced the players name just 2 days ago. It so happens to be Mohammed Asif who was caught with drugs in Dubai and detained. The PCB has suspended him and finally his career is likely to be over. I am soo happy that he is finally going to stop player and finally will learn a lesseon.

Drugs; I seriously don't know why Cricket players do drugs. They don't need too and can perfectly play well and play for long hours without them.

iPhone 3G; Wow. This phone may not be revoltionary (the first iPhone was) but this phone does bring in a bunch of features and especially this phone brings in 3G! I must say that 3G is superfast after I used it last year when I was in America. The iPhone has launched in 22 countries and moree countries are expected to get the phone pretty soon.
I hope the price for the iPhone is low in India and I hope the contract is also cheap so that many people can afford this wonderful Apple product!

Ronaldinho; HE HAS GONE TO MILAN! I wanted him to go to Manchester City and they even offered a higher price but he as gone to Milan.

New Segment; Video Of The Day

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Trailer

That is all for now. I may post another one later today but I dunno. Depends on how I feel.

PS; I am going to watch the Dark Knight on Friday! I am soo excited!

See you all later. My name is Sahil Bhalla and I am out!

The Way I See The News

So hello and welcome to another day.

Today, I was watching the news and it was really boring. All the same stuff coming again and again.
I am get fed up with the news sometimes but today is really too much.

So let me start off today's episode;

1. Tour De France; What a day today was! Ricardo Ricco was amazing. After falling and slightly injuring himself yesterday (Saturday), today he was in all force.Stage 9 was all Ricco. After the first like 30km, he launched an attack and immediately took a 5 minute lead which saw him alone in the lead. He then went on till the end and held a 1 minute 17 second advantage at the end to the main field. Quite a great achievement. He has won 4 major stages in 2 major tours this year.

2. Arrushi Case Closed; Finally! Have the CBI cracked the case? Well according to them they have and according to them the Talwar's are free and are innocent. Finally the case is closed and finally some justice has come.

3. E3; E3 starts tomorrow for those of you who are interested and Microsoft are first up in the morning.

4. Mayawati joins the left; I have nothing to say on this issue.

5. iPhone! YIPEE! The iPhone is out! Yes oh yes! Oh wait... it ain't out in India as yet but nonetheless! 3G iPhones guys!

Thats all for today. I look forward to doing another one tomorrow and I hope you people will look forward to reading it tomorrow.

I am Sahil Bhalla and I will be back tomorrow. Bye!

Thw Way I Saw It?

Hello all...

The Way I Saw It? The Way I Saw What?

Let me tell you;

1. Tennis - Oh my lord! Epic! Great! Best ever! Awsomeness! Once in a blue moon!
The match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal was an epic. It lasted 4 hours and 48 minutes and everyo9ne who watched enjoyed every moment of it including two rain delays. If you missed it then please do catch the match sometime! You won't see a tennis match like this for a long time.

2. Tour De France - Beautiful scenery and great cycling. No one can complain right? Well, it is a chance to see people cycling through France. You can see France all over again! Go and watch it!

3. Markets; They went up! Finally! Yes! It can only mean good things now. I do hope it does continue for a long time now!

4. Blast in Pakistan; Another blast in Pakistan? Well they are slowing down and the number of blasts is less so something good is going on. I hope it continues to lessen.

5. Left and Indian Govt; Will the Left pull the plug on the Government? Most probably yes. That will mean that the N-Deal will go through which can only be good!

6. Arrushi Muder Case; Will the Talwars get clean chit? Since CBI doesn't have any evidence, the Talwars may be givena clean chit. I just hope the people working on the case are able to crack the case very soon.

That is all for today. I will be back again tomorrow. I hope you all enjoyed it.

This is Sahil Bhalla saying Goodbye!

The Way I See Today?

Hello all...

Welcome to my new blog titled The Way I see This?

Today is the 5th of July, 2008 and the question I am asking is;
The Way I See Today?

1. Tennis; Awesome. The final between the Williams Sisters was a good match and indeed was fun too watch and I am glad that Venus Williams came out on top. Also at the moment as I write this blog entry, the gentleman's doubles final is going on and I am glad to report that Nestor and Zimonjic are winning!

2. Tour De France; Nice to see a major Cycling event being telecast world wide every year. Once a year I get to see the best of the cyclists cycling through lovely France and I am glad again that it has finally started today.

3. Two big Bollywood movies; Yesterday... two big bollywood movies came out. One being backed by PVR Cinemas and one by Adlabs. One has Priyanka Chopra in it and one is produced by Aamir Khan. When the promos came out, I predicted that Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (Aamir Khan produced movie) would do better than Love Story 2050 (the movie with Priyanka Chopra) and I am right! The reviews for JTYJN totally blew Love Story 2050 away!

4. Cricket; Shoaib Akhtar's ban has been suspended by a high court in Pakistan. This is bad news as I feel he deserves to server his 18 months for what he did.

5, Indian Politics; Left to walk out? SP to bail the COngress out of trouble? I think both of these things will happen within the next 3 months. Look back at this post and all of you can tell me 3 months later that I was write.

That is it for my first blog post on The Way I See This. Thats all for today and I will be back again tomorrow for another blog entry.

This is Sahil Bhalla, signing off. Goodbye.