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Hello guys...

Today, I don't know what I am talking about. My post won't be a proper post. It will just contain random thoughts and random sentences. Don't expect anything to be linked. So here goes;

I was just watching The A1 GP Qualifying at the Sepang Circuit and I was thoroughly dissapointed about India's qualifying. We qualified very low in the Sprint Race. In the Feature Race though, we qualified 7th though which is pretty good though Lebanon surprised everyone qualifying 3rd!
What I noticed, was that the last season was as highly contested as the 3rd qualifying session of Formula 1. The power boost is a nice feature.

I was wondering something, is A1 GP worse for the Environment or Formula 1? I will try and do some research on this but if anyone knows then please do tell me. Either post in the comments or send me an email at;

I just saw the trailer for Adventureland. It is by the director of Superbad who is one of the best upcoming director. He also directed 3 episodes of my favorite show "Arrested Development".
The movie is about this recent college grad who needs more money for his Euro trip and his parents won't give it to him. So he has to find a job and earn the money himself or he needs some job before he set out.

He can't seem to find a job anywhere except a bad job at a local amusement park. This job is the perfect course to get him prepared for the real world.

The cast is not all that famous but each of them have had their own successes. The director is a brilliant and upcoming director. This will release in 2009. The trailer is out now.
Check it out now!

Right now this weekend's football action is about to start in less than 30 minutes! I cannot wait! I hope Arsenal bounce back from an embarassing defeat to Aston Villa at the Emirates.

I just hope William Gallas is sold of to another club as soon as possible. Every since he sulked off after the last minute penalty to Birmingham last season, I have hated him.
Now after his latest, I hate him even more.

He has blasted the commitment of the team and has revealed that theur have been all kinds of fights in the Arsenal dressing room and between the team-mates. His book also was released.
What about his commitment?
He should leave the club immediately. He does not have the right to talk about anyone else from the club in an interview. He doesn't have the right to reveal what goes on in the club's dressing room if he is still part of the club.

Well he is dropped for today's match against Manchester City and Almunia the Goalkeeper takes over as captain.

Well.. that is all for now. I may have more random thoughts later.
I gotta rush towards the tv and downstairs. Everyone is calling me.



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