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Move To The Groove - iPods and MP3 Players

The iPod has long dominated the market. The first iPod was launched on 23rd October, 2001 in but it was not till the second or third generation that the iPod started dominating. It is now in its sixth generation and still dominating.

The iPod may still be dominating but its dominance is slowly coming to an end. The MP3 player ( market is hotting up. A lot of new entrants over the past two years and a lot of new updates to other players.

Right now, you have a wide variety of MP3 Players in the market. They include the SanDisk, Samsung, Microsoft Zune, Archos, Cowon, Creative Zen. That is a lot of players if you tell me. Each has its advantage in the market but the basic features are now in each and every player. Some players are even as good as the iPod and may even be better but where the iPod is greater is in design and simplicity.

Some info on MP3 Players;

1. iPod Nano -
2. iPod Touch -
3. Cheap iPods -
4. Creative Zen MP3 Player -
5. If you want price comparisions between MP3 players then -

There are different MP3 Players for different uses. For example, the Archos and Zune have a bigger screen and better video playback than the iPod.
Also, the Samsung MP3 Player has external speakers which the iPod doesn't.
The Sansa is slightly lighter than the iPod Classic.

Most MP3 players these days have the same storage capacities and most have similar features, like a standard headphone jack, equalizer, podcast support, video playback etc.

So if you want to be different and don't want the traditional iPod then they are many great alternatives for you ready in the market.