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Adsense & Google Analytics

Do you want to link your Adsense account with your Google Analytics account?

Here is how you can do it; Linking Adsense and Google Analytics Accounts

What all can see with your adsense account in Google Analytics?

Well take a look at this video;

If you have any more questions about this then please do ask me.

Sahil Bhalla

The Indonesian Economy Not Many Of You Follow

What is up with the Indonesian Economy these days?

Would you like to know the answer to that question with a perspective of an Indonesian himself? Well I have found just the right blog for you then.

Take the latest post for example; It is all about why Indonesia did not lower the BI rates. The blog is very well written and is a original and different opinion on the economy.

To the owner of the blog; You have got some nice widgets and a well designed blog. I must say the posts are very well written and very well opinionated. A good job overall and I am sure your blog will keep on getting better and better.

3 New Trailers For All You Out There

Hello guys...
I have got a treat for you in this post;
There new trailers for you people to watch!

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - I just had to put this for you numerous fans of the Harry Potter series out there.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Yes. This one is here because of me. I really like it and I know that there is a few section of people who do like it. Small but noticeable group.

3. Fast and Furious - The last one is one which I don't know why I put it here.

I hope you all enjoy the trailers and do look forward to the movies.

Goodbye, from me, Sahil Bhalla

Can You Guess The Only Stock Market Doing Well In The World At The Moment?

Hello guys...

I have a serious question for you; I know most of you won't be able to answer it and you won't believe it either but I will tell you the question and answer it as well.

Q. Can you guess the only stock market in the world to be rising at the moment?

A. The Zimbabwean Stock Exchange. Yes That is right. Zimbabwe's stock exchange is the only one doing well and in terms of percent it is doing really well.

It broke two records in 2 days. On Monday it broke the single biggest day gain in terms of points and percent. It rose 241% on Monday!

Then on Tuesday (yesterday) it broke the same record. This time it rose by 257%. Some companies saw their share prices increase by up to 3,500%. This is amazing.

Wouldn't you just love that to happen to your stock market? Imagine if even 10 percent of that would happen daily! I would be happen with that!

Well on paper anyways. This is actually only good on paper. The percent seems really high and it seems the economy is doing well. For a fact, it is not. It may be improving but by no means is it anywhere close to decent.

Zimbabwe's economy is staggering amid the world's worst inflation.
Inflation is officially running at an annual pace of 231 million percent. Some experts put it more at about 20 trillion percent. Wow. Can you just imagine that rate of inflation in any one of your countries?

"With the unofficial exchange rate leaping from 30 million Zimbabwean dollars to $1 on Friday to 100 million to the greenback Monday, showing a shortage of cash, people are trying to hedge against inflation by turning to equities." - AP

Wow. 100 million to the dollar. Just wow. They even introduced a 100 million Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD) note!

History of the Stock Market;

"The first stock exchange in Zimbabwe opened its doors shortly after the arrival of the Pioneer Column in Bulawayo in 1896. It was however only operative for about 6 years. Other stock exchanges were established in Gwelo (Gweru) and Umtali (Mutare). The Mutare Exchange, also opened in 1896, thrived on the success of local mining, but with the realisation that deposits in the area were not extensive, activity declined and it closed in 1924. After World War II a new exchange was founded in Bulawayo by Alfred Mulock Bentley and dealing started in January 1946.

A second floor was opened in Salisbury (Harare) in December 1951 and trading between the two centres was done by telephone. Traders continued working by telephone until it was decided that legislation should be enacted to govern the rights and obligations of the members of the Exchange and the general investing public.

The Rhodesia Stock Exchange Act reached the statute book in January 1974. The members of the Exchange continued to trade as before and it became necessary for legal reasons to bring into being a new Exchange coincidental with the passing of the legislation. The Exchange dates from the passing of the Act in 1974, and is operated and regulated in accordance with it and its amendments, including 1996's Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Act: Chapter 24:18.

On independence from Britain in 1980, the Exchange changed its name from the Rhodesia to the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange." - Wikipedia


1. "Zimbabwe is 'the best investment opportunity in Africa' say financiers." - Telegraph.
2. India's unmanned moon mission
3. Early voters in the USA Presidential Elections.

Sahil Bhalla

The Amazing Race - Season 13 Episode 4 - "I Wonder If They Like Blondes In New Zealand?" Update

Hello guys...



I just finished watching episode 4 of The Amazing Race Season 13. The episode was titled I Wonder If They Like Blondes In New Zealand?

#1. Ken and Tina (Fast Forward: Seven Night trip for two to Rio De Janeiro.
#2. Terence and Sarah
#3. Kely and Christy
#4. Toni and Dallas
#5. Nick and Starr
#6. Andrew and Dan
#7. Aja and Ty
#8. Marissa and Brooke (Eliminated)

At the Pit Stop in La Paz, Bolivia frustrations continued to build up betwen Nick and Starr and Kelly and Christy.

The clue given to them at the start insturcted them to fly more than 6,900 miles to Auckland, New Zealand and there they had to find their way at night to the Gulf Harbor to untie a knot which would reveal their clue.

The first of only two fast forwards was given then and there. Ken and Tina and Andrew and Dan both went to it but it was Ken and Tina who got their first. They bypassed all tasks and went straight to the pit stop.

Then the rest of the teams made their way to Mount Eden where there was a Roadblock which only one member may complete. This one was "Who has an eye for detail?" No one really took time here except I think two teams had to do it again but not really any loss of time. Terence, Andrew, Christy, Starr, Aja, Brooke and Toni did this task.

After this they all had to travel to the City Life Hotel and they had to go to the roog and using binoculaurs they had to search for a Travelocity Gnomes (These have appeared in many seasons). Once they found it and retreived it, the Gnome instructed them to go to Kiwi 360*. At this point, Marissa and Brooke were way behind with Aja and Ty in front of them. Terence and Sarah lead the pack.

Once they arrived at Kiwi 360* there was a detour, which is a choice between two tasks. In this detour teams had to choose between Matter of Time and Matter of Skill.
In Matter of Time teams were required to travel to a kiwi orchard and crush kiwis using their feet to make twelve quarts of juice. Each member then had to drink a glass of it.
In Matter of Skill, teams traveled to BioCart Heaven and then assembled two BioCarts, which they were required to complete three laps on.

Terence and Sarah, Kelly and Chirsty and Marissa and Brooke successfully completed Matter of Time.
Nick and Starr, Andrew and Dan and Aja and Ty tried Matter of Time but gave up and went for Matter of Skill which they successfully completed.
Toni and Dallas went straight for Matter of Skill and completed it.

During the Matter of Skill task, Starr fell off her BioCart and injured her hand. It looked realy bad but you couldn't really tell if she had broken it or not. Nevertheless she went on and comepleted the laps.

After these tasks were completed, teams were given their final clue which instructed them to go the Pit Stop where Phil and Phil's Dad were waiting.

All six teams went to the Pit Stop and in the end Aja and Ty and Marissa and Brooke fought it out doing different tasks. In the end though, Aja and Ty beat out Marissa and Brooke who got eliminated.

Some quotes;

Starr: "The arm is hurting really bad, but we're still team 5. We're still here.
Terence: (regarding the kiwi bucket at the Matter of Time detour task) The bucket was lined with a layer of jagged rocks and then on top of it were these incredibly hard stubborn kiwis.
Marissa: Brooke and I will be best friends forever.

So what did you think of this episode?
Did you want Marissa and Brooke to stay in The Amazing Race?
Did you like my summary of the episode? Should I do it every week?


Updates, News & New Things

Hello guys...

I am back! Almost in full swing... just gotta get something else done for this blog which will be unveiled sometime later this week.

Until then, I have a new segment/post thingy or whatever you will call it...

It is called Just To Add; Short posts and straight to the point. Could be good, bad or the ugly. You may already know about it or you may not. You may want to tell everyone about it or you may not want to. You may be affected by it or you may not. You may be associated with it or you may not. Whatever it is, the fact of the matter is, you still want to read it.

So to kick start The Just To Add segment, here we go;

1. Himesh Reshammiya's Karzzzz releases tomorrow! - Go see it 1st day 1st show. "Trust me, you will like it." *hint hint*
2. Jet-Set-Go just became Jet-Said-Go about a week ago as Jet Airways gave pink slips to 1,900 of its employees.
3. The Australian Media has slammed Saurav Ganguly for his time delaying tactics on the 5th and final day of the first test.

That is all for now, I may do another one later today or I may not. I may be back tomorrow or I may not. I don't know when I will be back but I am sure you will be eagerly awaiting the next Just To Add post or my next full-fledged blog post. Or maybe the unveileing of my new secret thing that I am adding to the blog... Whatever it is, I am sure you will be back enough times to check if it is there or not.

This is Sahil saying Adios!

Updates... Life... Everything In Fact

So... a lot in this world has been going on ever since I last posted.

I will pen down a list for you people telling you the most headlined news since I last blogged;

1. Ms. Palin making a fool of her self almost ever other day
2. Tina Fey doing a very good impersonation of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live for four episodes.
3. Bomb Blasts in New Delhi in 3 different markets.
4. The World happened to go into a deep crisis. Economic crash world wide. Everyone feeling the pain.
5. The fall TV Season has begun with 2 great new shows - Fringe and The Mentalist.
6. India vs Australia in India - 4 test match series has begun.
7. Poland have worked out an agreement and saved themselves from being banned from World Cup Qualifiers.
8. The English Premier League has begun and as of now - Arsenal are ahead of Manchester United.
9. Sourav Ganguly - One of India's best cricket captain has announced his retirement and he will retire after the India - Australia series.
10. Dempo FC are the first ever Indian Club to reach the semi-finals of The AFC Cup.
11. Google's Chrome Browser released and already grabbed a 1-2% market share.
12. The Indo-US Nuclear Deal finally went through after a long and hard fought battle.
13. Many banks fail around the world and continue to do so.
14. A $700 Billion dollar Bailout Package passed the House and Senate.
15. Bangladesh beat New Zealand in Cricket by 7 wicket's! Their biggest ever win over a Top 4 Nation in ODI's.
16. Google Android Phone is launching very soon.
17. Airtel Digital TV has launched in India - today - 9th October 2008.
18. Apple released new iPods.
19. Microsoft released new Zune's and a much improved 3.0 firmware.
20. Everything else in the world that happened shall be posted later. This is enough for now.


New Posts Coming

Hello guys...

I promise you that some new posts will be coming tomorrow and this blog will be kick started back into action.