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So... a lot in this world has been going on ever since I last posted.

I will pen down a list for you people telling you the most headlined news since I last blogged;

1. Ms. Palin making a fool of her self almost ever other day
2. Tina Fey doing a very good impersonation of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live for four episodes.
3. Bomb Blasts in New Delhi in 3 different markets.
4. The World happened to go into a deep crisis. Economic crash world wide. Everyone feeling the pain.
5. The fall TV Season has begun with 2 great new shows - Fringe and The Mentalist.
6. India vs Australia in India - 4 test match series has begun.
7. Poland have worked out an agreement and saved themselves from being banned from World Cup Qualifiers.
8. The English Premier League has begun and as of now - Arsenal are ahead of Manchester United.
9. Sourav Ganguly - One of India's best cricket captain has announced his retirement and he will retire after the India - Australia series.
10. Dempo FC are the first ever Indian Club to reach the semi-finals of The AFC Cup.
11. Google's Chrome Browser released and already grabbed a 1-2% market share.
12. The Indo-US Nuclear Deal finally went through after a long and hard fought battle.
13. Many banks fail around the world and continue to do so.
14. A $700 Billion dollar Bailout Package passed the House and Senate.
15. Bangladesh beat New Zealand in Cricket by 7 wicket's! Their biggest ever win over a Top 4 Nation in ODI's.
16. Google Android Phone is launching very soon.
17. Airtel Digital TV has launched in India - today - 9th October 2008.
18. Apple released new iPods.
19. Microsoft released new Zune's and a much improved 3.0 firmware.
20. Everything else in the world that happened shall be posted later. This is enough for now.



Firdaus said...

"Bomb Blasts in New Delhi in 3 different markets" should really not come under the title of "best moments"

Kirat Singh said...

i agree with you firdaus

Sahil Bhalla said...

Acknowledged and changed.