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Hello guys...

I am back! Almost in full swing... just gotta get something else done for this blog which will be unveiled sometime later this week.

Until then, I have a new segment/post thingy or whatever you will call it...

It is called Just To Add; Short posts and straight to the point. Could be good, bad or the ugly. You may already know about it or you may not. You may want to tell everyone about it or you may not want to. You may be affected by it or you may not. You may be associated with it or you may not. Whatever it is, the fact of the matter is, you still want to read it.

So to kick start The Just To Add segment, here we go;

1. Himesh Reshammiya's Karzzzz releases tomorrow! - Go see it 1st day 1st show. "Trust me, you will like it." *hint hint*
2. Jet-Set-Go just became Jet-Said-Go about a week ago as Jet Airways gave pink slips to 1,900 of its employees.
3. The Australian Media has slammed Saurav Ganguly for his time delaying tactics on the 5th and final day of the first test.

That is all for now, I may do another one later today or I may not. I may be back tomorrow or I may not. I don't know when I will be back but I am sure you will be eagerly awaiting the next Just To Add post or my next full-fledged blog post. Or maybe the unveileing of my new secret thing that I am adding to the blog... Whatever it is, I am sure you will be back enough times to check if it is there or not.

This is Sahil saying Adios!