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The Way I Saw Something Spectacular, Something Boring and Something Just Simply Amazing!

Hello guys once again

Updates; Sorry for not posting a entry for sometime but I am happy to tell you guys... that I am back to blogging and I will be updating it frequently now. So I hope you have a nice time reading.

Today's blog post is titled "The Way I Saw Something Spectacular, Something Boring and Something Just Simply Amazing!"

So for today's blog post, I have chosen three events, in the past week or two which are interesting in their own way or the other.

First up is about the Trust Vote 2008. It happened in New Delhi, India and it rocked the whole of India.
A little background first - The UPA which is the party in power had formed a coalition Government with the Left (CPM) to get the majority vote needed to run the Government. This relationship lasted for 4 years but in the last year the Left got angry over the N-Deal and walked out of the Government. So basically the Nuclear Deal saga has been going on for ages and it could not be resolved. The Left were against it for the main reason that the deal was with the Americans. So they walked out and asked the Government to show the numbers. So the Trust Vote was set for 22nd July and it happened.
So what happened in Parliment on 21st July and 22nd July was just spectactular. The first day rocked the Parliment. It had cross fighting, arguing, the Speaker getting angry and raging news anchors on all channels. The papers too were going mad. It was hilarious and fun times. The bookies were making some money out of it too.

The second day had the biggies giving there speeches and going face to face. It was quite fun watching the highlights on the news channels as I missed it otherwise. In the middle of the day at 4:00 PM approximately 2 or 3 BJP MP's came in the midle of the House and showed 1 Cr rupees and alleged that they were bribed to give there vote to the UPA. That was hilarious to watch! Then came the Trust Vote in the evening with the UPA showing the Left that they had the numbers and defeating them by a huge margin of 19 votes!

So if you want to read some of the funny and memorable quotes from the 21st of July, then head over to;

Quotable Quotes from the Trust Vote, Day 1.

So this event was the spectacular event.

The second event I saw was the cricket test match between India and Sri Lanka. It was the first test and I saw day's 1 and 2. Now this was really boring. I couldn't even stand watching it. I mean they play so slowly and the commentators don't say anything and there is no crowds. What a boring thing to watch.

This event was the boring one.

Lastly... The last event was just simply amazing. I went to see The Dark Knight on Saturday and again on Wednesday and it was simply amazing. The movie is just the movie ever and Heath Ledger's perfomance defies all. His laugh is justamazing and he is simply terrefying. If you haven't seen this movie, then get off your ass right now and get to your nearest theatre and watch it as soon as possible. This is the best movie of the year and I expect Heath Ledger to win an oscar for it.

This was the just simply amazing event!

That is all for now and I will be back later, very soon, I promise guys.

Bye. This is me, Sahil Bhalla going now and signing off and saying goodbye!


Karin said...

Well, Now and then, I need to take blog breaks too especially at vacation time.

I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet but I have watched the trailer on the Internet.

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Sahil Bhalla said...

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