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The Way I See Asif, Drugs & iPhone 3G

Hello guys...

Today's episode is called "The Way I See Asif, Drugs & iPhone 3G".

First let me start off by saying that Asif was one of the four players tested by WADA during the IPL. One player tested positive and the WADA announced the players name just 2 days ago. It so happens to be Mohammed Asif who was caught with drugs in Dubai and detained. The PCB has suspended him and finally his career is likely to be over. I am soo happy that he is finally going to stop player and finally will learn a lesseon.

Drugs; I seriously don't know why Cricket players do drugs. They don't need too and can perfectly play well and play for long hours without them.

iPhone 3G; Wow. This phone may not be revoltionary (the first iPhone was) but this phone does bring in a bunch of features and especially this phone brings in 3G! I must say that 3G is superfast after I used it last year when I was in America. The iPhone has launched in 22 countries and moree countries are expected to get the phone pretty soon.
I hope the price for the iPhone is low in India and I hope the contract is also cheap so that many people can afford this wonderful Apple product!

Ronaldinho; HE HAS GONE TO MILAN! I wanted him to go to Manchester City and they even offered a higher price but he as gone to Milan.

New Segment; Video Of The Day

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Trailer

That is all for now. I may post another one later today but I dunno. Depends on how I feel.

PS; I am going to watch the Dark Knight on Friday! I am soo excited!

See you all later. My name is Sahil Bhalla and I am out!


Firdaus said...

Firstly Bhalla, what bloody layout? There is ONE post up. And as for the background, two things:
a) To each their own and
b) Your opinion, as I have stressed so often, does not matter!

And please, feel free to point out the grammatical errors on my blog.
P.S.: Its the iPhone 3G, not iPhone.
Simple grammar

Kirat Singh said...

waiting for a new post

Sahil Bhalla said...

Yeah. Will make a new post today.