The Way I See This Search

The Way I See The News

So hello and welcome to another day.

Today, I was watching the news and it was really boring. All the same stuff coming again and again.
I am get fed up with the news sometimes but today is really too much.

So let me start off today's episode;

1. Tour De France; What a day today was! Ricardo Ricco was amazing. After falling and slightly injuring himself yesterday (Saturday), today he was in all force.Stage 9 was all Ricco. After the first like 30km, he launched an attack and immediately took a 5 minute lead which saw him alone in the lead. He then went on till the end and held a 1 minute 17 second advantage at the end to the main field. Quite a great achievement. He has won 4 major stages in 2 major tours this year.

2. Arrushi Case Closed; Finally! Have the CBI cracked the case? Well according to them they have and according to them the Talwar's are free and are innocent. Finally the case is closed and finally some justice has come.

3. E3; E3 starts tomorrow for those of you who are interested and Microsoft are first up in the morning.

4. Mayawati joins the left; I have nothing to say on this issue.

5. iPhone! YIPEE! The iPhone is out! Yes oh yes! Oh wait... it ain't out in India as yet but nonetheless! 3G iPhones guys!

Thats all for today. I look forward to doing another one tomorrow and I hope you people will look forward to reading it tomorrow.

I am Sahil Bhalla and I will be back tomorrow. Bye!