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Thw Way I Saw It?

Hello all...

The Way I Saw It? The Way I Saw What?

Let me tell you;

1. Tennis - Oh my lord! Epic! Great! Best ever! Awsomeness! Once in a blue moon!
The match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal was an epic. It lasted 4 hours and 48 minutes and everyo9ne who watched enjoyed every moment of it including two rain delays. If you missed it then please do catch the match sometime! You won't see a tennis match like this for a long time.

2. Tour De France - Beautiful scenery and great cycling. No one can complain right? Well, it is a chance to see people cycling through France. You can see France all over again! Go and watch it!

3. Markets; They went up! Finally! Yes! It can only mean good things now. I do hope it does continue for a long time now!

4. Blast in Pakistan; Another blast in Pakistan? Well they are slowing down and the number of blasts is less so something good is going on. I hope it continues to lessen.

5. Left and Indian Govt; Will the Left pull the plug on the Government? Most probably yes. That will mean that the N-Deal will go through which can only be good!

6. Arrushi Muder Case; Will the Talwars get clean chit? Since CBI doesn't have any evidence, the Talwars may be givena clean chit. I just hope the people working on the case are able to crack the case very soon.

That is all for today. I will be back again tomorrow. I hope you all enjoyed it.

This is Sahil Bhalla saying Goodbye!