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Hello everyone once again.

Updates: As you know I am back and now am in the full swing of blogging. So as this is going to be my second post since I have been back to blogging, I am going to give you a special episode.

Today's blog post is titled: "The Way I See Trailers" and it is going to showcase the "Top 10 Best Trailers Of Upcoming Movies."

So without further ado, I present to you - "Top 10 Best Trailers Of Upcoming Movies."

I will be starting from Number 10 to Number 1.

Tenth Best Trailer: Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation is an upcoming science fiction action film set for release on May 22, 2009.
The main reason I am excited about this film is because it has Batman: The Dark Knight's star Christian Bale in it and he is a really good actor. The trailer looks better and looks as if this film will be better than the last one which I found pretty bad.

Ninth Best Trailer: Saw V

Haven't they already completed the series? Isn't 4 films enough? Apparently not... This film is set for release on October 24th, 2008. This film follows the tradition of the Saw films, being released every year on the Friday before Halloween. This film has a new director as well, David Hackl who was the production designer of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th films of the series. The trailer looks pretty much just like any other Saw film.

Eight Best Trailer: Pineapple Express

Knocked Up? The 40 year-old Virgin? Superbad? Remember any of those films? Well this is another one of those and this one also stars Seth Rogen in the lead. It is a stone action comedy film which is set to release on August 6th, 2008. I do not think this will be as good as his previous films but none the less, it will be good still.

Seventh Best Trailer: W. [Teaser]

World Trade Center? Does anyone remember that film or has anyone even heard of it? Well that was Oliver Stone's film about the World Trade Center. He is making his next film which is titled "W". It is about George "W" Bush. This one is self-explenatory and it is set to release on 17th October, 2008. Josh Brolin stars as George "W" Bush.

Sixth Best Trailer: Burn After Reading

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Malkovich and Tilda Swinton. I must say an amazing cast. This movie is a comedy and it is about a disk containing memoirs of a CIA agent that ends up in the hands of two gym employees who in turn try to sell it. This film is definately going to be good just like every other George Clooney and Brad Pitt film. I am excited about it.

Fifth Best Trailer: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I hate all the Harry Potter books and all the movies so far. I have been dragged to watch every Harry Potter film so far even though I had no intentions of watching it. I know many people and especially some of my friends who are going to drool over a Harry Potter film so for them, I have given this film the fifth position on my list. Self-explenatory what happens and who is in it and all. The release date is; 21st November, 2008.

Fourth Best Trailer: Up

Finding Nemo? Cars? Ratatouille? Wall-E? Basically... I am listing all Pixar films. Pixar has been getting better and better at producing animated films. It just release it's latest Wall-E to high critical acclaim. I have got a teaser trailer for Pixar's next greatest film which is coming out in 2009. It is surely going to be a hit.

Third Best Trailer: The Spirit

This goes into my top 3 as it is directed by Frank Miller. He wrote Sin-City and 300 which all of you would have seen by now. It is in my top 3 also because it stars Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes in the lead. It has got Samuel Jackson also in the movie. It is coming out on Christmas day, 25th Decemeber, 2008.

Second Best Trailer: Watchmen

This film is going to be awesome! It is going to be insanse! It is being directed by Zack Snyder. He directed 300. Watchmen is a film adaptation of the comic book limited series. This film is being released on March 6th, 2009. I can't wait for this movie as the trailer looks really good.

Best Trailer Of All: Quantum of Solace (Bond 22)

Yes. Number 1. The best trailer out of all goes to the next bond movie, titled Quantum of Solace. It is the 22nd Bond film and the second Bond film starring Daniel Craig as James Bond. This film is the sequel to Casion Royale which released in 2006. This film has a new bond girl Olga Kurylenko. This film is going to be awesome. I cannot wait for this film seriously. The trailer just looks wow! The film is set to realese on Novermber 7th, 2008.

A few of the trailers just had to be in the list but it was a close race for the others. The top position race was extremely close but I chose Quantum of Solace as it releases before Watchmen and I really enjoyed the last Bond film.
So that does it for the top 10 trailers for now. I hope you all enjoyed them.

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This is Sahil Bhalla, signing off for today. I hope to see you again for another blog post! Goodbye!

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Kirat Singh said...

awesome post, seriously.

Dr. Jay SW said...

This reminds me of Stephen Colbert. Unlike him, though, are you interested in seeing the actual movies?

Sahil Bhalla said...

Yes mate. Unlike him, I am interested in seeing some of these movies. Most of them in fact but not all.

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