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The Way I See The Tennis Trio

Hello again guys

Today I am going to talk about the Tennis trio. That is Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. In the current ATP Tennis rankings, these 3 are way ahead of every other player in the ranking. In fact, Djokovic is 2110 points ahead of 4th place, David Ferrer.

Federer vs Nadal rivalry has been going on for years now and only last year was it that Djokovic entered the frame. All three of them play exquisite tennis and at this point in time, it is hard to tell who really is the World Number 1.

Today morning I got up at 5:00 AM to watch the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters Semi-Finals. The tournament was being held in Cincinnati which is in the United States of America. So I had to get up early here in New Delhi, India to watch it.

I turned on the TV and I was 4 games late. The score was 3-1 and Djokovic was leading. He was totally overhauling Nadal. Nadal had no response and lost the set 6-1. The next set was closer but Djokovic is just the better player on the hard court against Nadal having won 3 out of 5 matches and now 4 out of 6 matches on hard court after this win. Novak Djokovic this morning, snapped Nadal's 32 match winning streak! Hopefully Djokovic can have a mini run of his own!

Nadal is probably weakest in the US Open while Federer is weakest in the French Open. As for Djokovic, well I think his weakest is Wimbledon.

I do not see any player challenging either of these 3 for the top 3 positions for some time now. It is a close race for 4th and they will on be concentrating on trying to get that 4th place as 4th - 7th is only separated by 940 points.

So out of the three - Who is the greatest and who is the current greatest?

Well I think Federer is the greatest number 1 and Nadal is the greatest challenger. Djokovic is a new and upcoming star who within 6 months will be very close to Nadal. Nadal has started his "unofficial" position as number 1 in horrific fashion, losing in straight sets to Djokovic. I think Federer will pull back his number 1 position until Djokovic comes and takes away from him in 2 years. Until then we will see some great tennis and some great action from the trio.

Here is too a brilliant set of matches at the US Open and here is hoping that these 3 play some of their best tennis ever. Here is too also hoping that Djokovic can do better than Nadal so that he can catch up!

After August 18th, it will only take one title for Federer to be back on top of the rankings and I am sure he will be back to his sublime best in the US Open!

This is Sahil Bhalla, signing off and supporting Djokovic over Nadal and Federer over Nadal.


Political Peon said...

Hi some of your pictures are not loading. :) Keep up the good work. PolyD from blogcatalog

Kirat Singh said...

good article,
i faced no prob with the photos

Guy Vestal said...

My wife and the women of her family are tennis players, and avid fans. But oddly enough they are all quite the critics. When watching it with her, I thank myself lucky that I am not the one that has to run back and forth at the net to fetch a ball that stops there.

My old knees would give out the first time I would have to do that type of crawling, that I have not done in 30 years.

Have mercy...

Himoacs Yanjiaren said...

Congratulations to the best of them and I really loved your pics too. I will visit your blog again. I used to play tennis and was a good runner and swimmer in my day and ran the mile in 6.54 minutes. I moved around a lot so couldn't go into the Olympics and such like. I wish I could have.

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