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The Way I See The GreenBuyer

Hello guys...

Today on my agenda is; Greenbuyer; Going Green Is Pretty Sweet.

Now this is a review of this very nice and good looking website.

The site is all about green products and if I had the money, I would have bought lots of green products. The blog updates regularly with more and more new green tech!

It does not look too cluttered and has some interesting posts and a section of green electronics.

Another great thing is that it has a section for The Green News which I see almost every other day!

In the electronics section; it gives a thorough description of the product and how and why it is green and why you should get it which I find very informative.

Another pro, is that it is a self-hosted Wordpress blog which is the best you can get.
If you want to contact the owner then you can do that also very easily. You can subscribe to the blog also really easily.

One more thing is that the theme is green too! Going with the content and theme!

The only con about the site I do not like is the flashing ads on the right hand side. I guess that is just me though!

On the whole, this blog is a nice read and which I would recommend to lots and lots of people.

The link once more for all of you people;

I am going to be back on Monday with a whole host of new posts then. Till then this is Sahil Bhalla saying goodbye.


Anonymous said...


I just wanted to thank you for the review, very well written. I appreciate the comments, and wish you the best of luck as well!


L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Arent we taking the green stuff a bit too far? Half the green products are really black because of the very large carbon footprint that they leave!

There is no agency for measuring green, one can freely claim to be green and get away with it!

Hank T. said...

My main measurement for being green, can be any improvement from better manufacturing process, or by replacing a product that is more wasteful. As long as there is improvement i'm happy and most green products will do this.

Nice website i subscribed to its rss, looking forward to seeing it grow